Self Portraits - 4 simple tips

Self Portraits – 4 simple tips

I decided it was time to turn the camera back on myself. Here’s my thoughts, if I am instructing people to do certain things, i.e head up, head down, chin up, chin down etc. then maybe I need to understand what it’s like on the other side.

Here are two photos as the result of my experimentation;

Firstly, it was difficult!! Getting photos of yourself in focus, well lit, good composition etc. is extremely hard work. I did my research before had, and fund a few things helpful in this process.

1. Have a stand in!
So I used the chair I sat in to be my stand in. I pre-focused on the chair then I took it’s place.

2. Manual focus or lock focus
This was pretty obvious. Get it set, then run aroun to the other side of the camera only to press the button and the autofocus would mess my scene up. Believe me, I tried using auto focus and it was a disaster.

3. Use your timer.
Again seems obvious, but one still trys to take a photo at arms length like a tourist on vacation with their friends.

4. Use a piece of string
Sounds strange, but on your camera is a mark like this ∅ (a little circle with a line going through it) that shows where your sensor is located. That mark is where you need to start the piece of string. Measure it out to your stand in and you now know exactly where to place your eyes.

Thats the technical side, but what about posing? That’s coming in Part II.

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